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1972 Boss Cat II

Drivers: Dale Cormican, Charlie Lofton and Paul Eggebraaten





Here is the Boss Cat II after it's full restoration. It was restored to a combined look for the 72 and 73 season. In the 72' Season it had Zoomie exhaust pipes. In the 73 season it used exhaust pipes similar to the ones used in the restoration. the originals were off of a 57 Chevy (turned upside down with two foot extentions). These new pipes were mounted at a different angle than the original. The driver designation written on each side of the sled for the 72 and 73' season was at different times "Dale Cormican", "Dale Cormican and Charlie Loften" and "Charlie Loften and Paul Eggebraaten". The Zoomie pipes were replaced after Dale left the racing team and Paul was added. The 72' and 73' speed records on each side were not added. So the kombined look means that it never looked like this at any time originally.























****The Boss Cat II****



Myron "Caesar" Kaiser of the Boss Cat Racing Team


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