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1972 Boss Cat II

Drivers: Dale Cormican, Charlie Lofton and Paul Eggebraaten




The Boss Cat II was built by Arctic Enterprises for speed runs. It had a chevy 327 punched out to 375 cubic inches. Roller rockers and cam , Hilbourne injected , supercharged and running on alcohol. Estimated 650 to 700 HP. Hydraulic disc brakes and parachute for stopping. Two 20 1/2 wide tracks and quick change rear end gear. 23 foot long, 6 foot wide and 30 inches high. Weight of 2300 lbs. It caught fire at least two times, but they did have on-board fire extinguishers and it did not suffer any real damage. This has to be on many lists as one of the coolest 'sleds' ever built. Arctic Cat created this beautiful machine in 1971 for the 1972 season. The Boss Cat II set an initial record of 127 MPH and later went 130 MPH with Charles Lofton driving. It was the subject of much controversy at the time, as many people felt it was not really a snowmobile, but a car with tracks and skis. Never the less, it gained the title of "World's Fastest Snowmobile" and was a very successful marketing tool for Arctic Enterprises. So what ever happened to the Boss Cat II? Racer Paul Groth bought it from Arctic Enterprises in in 1983, when they went under. Paul repainted it and raced it as the Boss Cat II. He then repainted it again, renamed it the Bud Sno King, took a lot of weight off, modified the motor and drove it 168 MPH. Sometime later, Paul advertised it in Snow week (for sale: one used Boss Cat II) and sold it to Vaughn Spurlock. Vaughn kept it for 10 years to go along with his matching Boss Cat III. Both sleds were sold to Rod Everts who held on to them for 10 years. The Warning family bought both in 2004. They finished restoration of the Boss Cat II in 2005 and are working on the restoration of the Boss Cat III. I have broken this area up in to three parts. The first 2 pages are the vintage photos, the third page is of after the restoration.


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